npm安装与ProtoBuf.js库在cocos creator中的使用

适用于 protobufjs 6.x

安装 protobufjs

>cd E:\project\CCtest
>npm install protobufjs

安装 pbjs

>cd CCtest\node_modules\.bin


转换 proto 为 js

// awesome.proto
package awesomepackage;
syntax = "proto3";

message AwesomeMessage {
    string awesome_field = 1; // becomes awesomeField


>pbjs -t static-module -o awesome.js awesome.proto

拖动 awesome.js 到 cocos creator 的 Script目录


let awesomeRoot = require("awesome");

        var AwesomeMessage = awesomeRoot.awesomepackage.AwesomeMessage;
        // Exemplary payload
        var payload = { awesomeField: "AwesomeString" };
        // Verify the payload if necessary (i.e. when possibly incomplete or invalid)
        var errMsg = AwesomeMessage.verify(payload);
        if (errMsg)
            throw Error(errMsg);

        // Create a new message
        var message = AwesomeMessage.create(payload); // or use .fromObject if conversion is necessary

        // Encode a message to an Uint8Array (browser) or Buffer (node)
        var buffer = AwesomeMessage.encode(message).finish();
        // ... do something with buffer

        // Decode an Uint8Array (browser) or Buffer (node) to a message
        var message = AwesomeMessage.decode(buffer);
        // ... do something with message

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